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Main Sponsorship



15 tickets for the conference

  • Logo of the sponsor in all the materials of the conference in 1/1 ratio
  • Stand 21 sq.m. (6m X 3,5m) The cost of the construction is not included.
  • See details below

7 tickets for the conference

  • Logo of the sponsor in all the materials of the conference in 1/2 ratio
  • Stand 17,5 sq.m. (5m X 3,5m) The cost of the construction is not included.
  • See details below

2 tickets for the conference

  • * Turn key type stand 14 sq.m. (4m x 3,5m)
  • See details below

Sponsors' Benefits

The logo of the sponsors in the described ratio will be in:

The home page of the conference's web site

Newsletters of the conference

Hard Copy invitation

Conference's venue signance


Press releases

The stage of the conference (backdrops etc)

Stands types and costs

Option 1

Exhibition Space

  • Empty space where the exhibitor can build his stand in cooperation with a constructions company.
  • Electricity supply is NOT included.
  • See photos below

Option 2

Basic Construction

  • Basic Construction with carpet (same color for all the stands)
  • Electricity (plug) 500W & lights (1 spot every 2 m2)
  • Metope with the company 's name (NOT logo)
  • See photos below

Option 3

Turnkey Solutions

  • Ready-to-go solution that includes furniture and digital prints on the walls.
  • The cost is 70 € / m2 in addition to the price per square meter: Empty space 130€/m2 + 70€/m2 = 200€/m2
  • Furniture: 1 Reception, 1 stool, 1 desk, 2 chairs.
  • See photos below

Option 4

Business Type

  • Special stand type
  • See detailed info, specs and photos below

Photos of stands constructed on empty space (Option 1)

Technical specs of Basic construction (Option 2)

Photos of TurnKey stands (Option 3)

Tech specs of Business Type stands (Option 4)


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Maximum exhibition area for all companies 21m2.

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Special sponsorships like the placement of materials in the event registration or conference bags etc., is subject to a separate agreement

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Sponsorship does not imply a presentation / speaking time at the  conference

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In case that additional space is requested from the sponsorship proposals, this is calculated using the current pricelist

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The depths of the stands can not be modified

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Exclusive sponsorships is a separate, special agreement. Other sponsorships and Onsite Promotions will be announced shortly

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Schedule of construction / dismantling of the stands upon agreement
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All prices are subject to VAT 24%

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